RANSOMWARE, It's Not If, It's When!

The most feared cyber incident to a Law Firm is Ransomware.  Most experts agree it is not if a Ransomware attack will happen, but when it will happen. 

Imagine your entire set of litigation documents (Document Review Platform) being encrypted and not being able to get to them for weeks. Will you be ready?

A Ransomware assessment will help you make the decisions you need to make during a Ransomware incident.   Time is your enemy when it comes to a Ransomware attack.  Having the answers to the basic questions will help you when you need the answers quickly.  

When performing a Ransomware Assessment before an incident you will most likely not have to say; "How did we miss that?"  Following a Framework like NIST fills in the gaps.  Let’s stop the simple things from slipping through the cracks.

Client Audits

Client Audits are now part of every law firm’s day-to-day business.  Responding to them is time-consuming but must be accurate.   Understanding what they are asking for is another challenge.

We can help,  we have been responding to client cyber audits for twelve years now. 

Cyber Incidents

Having someone on your side with the knowledge of the different phases of an event will help you and your staff stay calm and focused.   Getting through any event is hard enough.

When a cyber event happens, everyone's first response is to shut down the computer or server.  Stop right there.  It is not the first thing to do.   In fact, shutting down the computer could cause more harm than good.  

How Did This Happen?

One of the last phases of an Incident Response is understanding how it occurred and put controls in place to prevent it from happening again.

Law Firm's Insurance may sue the IT Consultant.

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