IT Consulting

Why DataSoftnow as your IT Consultant?

We are a Candidate Certified Third-Party Assessor Organization.   We must have our infrastructure and company certified to meet the DoD CMMC-AB Level 2 Certification. 

If you are a DoD Contractor, Sub-Contractor, or Manufacturer and you will be required to become CMMC-AB Level 2 certification, your IT consultant will also have to be CMMC-AB Level 2 certified as well.

DataSoftnow employees are trained by the DoD as Registered Practitioners.  We understand the requirements in getting certified. 

These are some of the reasons you want DataSoftnow as your IT Consultant.

You will have a true partnership with an IT consulting company that is committed to developing and maintaining close personal relationships with you and your entire organization.

As your IT Consultant

Your organization will enjoy a wide range of technological services, from IT support and help desk support to network configuration, disaster recovery, Incident Response, wireless networking, and cybersecurity. DataSoftNow Advisors works with several Long Island & New York organizations just like you.

Our dedicated IT consultants provide businesses in NYC and Long Island with cutting-edge solutions to:

  • Reduce the cost of maintaining and developing IT systems
  • Effectively optimizes implemented business processes
  • Create competitive advantages using IT technologies
  • Improve your security and management
  • Increase security awareness of your staff

Does your IT consulting Company have an Incident Response Plan for you as well as them.

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